Friday, October 29, 2010

Is that a little light I see?

I think there may be a little light at the end of this tunnel............... Finally!

My teeth have been bothering me A Lot the past few days, so my sleep schedule is all out of whack. So, yesterday afternoon, I took a nap.......... And when I woke up, I saw that there was a big envelope on the table with my name on it... And as soon as I saw the return address, I knew it was from Social Security. Do you remember months ago when I was trying to get a copy of my court records, so I could get my final appeal ready for court. Well, I had faxed the office requesting a copy of my court records, so I could find a lawyer. I also requested I get a 60 day extension from the receipt of those records, to file a new appeal. Well..... My request was granted, and I finally got my records:) So...... Now I have to get them to the lawyer I talked to months ago that offered to take a look at my case for me. And yet all I really want to do is go back to bed.........

I'll be back soon with all the other stuff, just wanted to document that I got my records:)

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  1. Katie- I'm so glad that your records arrived! I hope the lawyer can work some magic now- I'm crossing my fingers and baking a special prayer box for my mosiac (ask me about that sometime). I hope your teeth stop bothering you- don't they know you've got enough to deal with??!! Darn teeth! HUGS!!!