Thursday, November 21, 2013

New listing in Etsy

Finally got the potting table listed in etsy.. 

I almost don't want to part with it.. But I've got to clear out this house so I can make room for new stuff.. 

I've also reduced the prices on a few things to try and clear out my inventory.. 

And hopefully before Christmas I can get the Christmas stuff listed. I did make some Christmas tree shelves using different trims:) but still need to add a star to the top... They look much better in person- I've been slowly dragging out the Christmas stuff to try and take some great pictures, just keep getting sidetracked... 

 I am moving at a snails pace over here, I do apologize.. You know how life can be sometimes. I still can't find my muse... Makes it really hard to be creative.. I just miss having full use of my hand and need to suck it up... You can see how much of the tip I lost- and oneday I will get it fixed! It still hurts- and is making me sad. I just want my old life back... 
... Until Next Time...

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Alright, Let's Talk about this finger..

I know it's been a long time.. And as my Famous last words go, I will be back later to catch you up on all the other stuff. But I've been promising my readers from Katie's Clay Corner that I would talk about my hand here. And just to bring you up to speed and to I guess finally come out of the closet a little.. I shall start at the beginning. At the end of February, I got my hand slammed in the front door and broke my ring finger and my middle finger.... On my Right hand!  They also had to sew my middle finger back on at the top knuckle. The doctors still call it a crushing injury. I shattered the bones at the end of my fingertip, and over the past few months those bones have bonded together to form a piece that is now suspended in scar tissue. This X-ray was taking a week ago... Four months after the injury. 
That's my fingertip to the left of the other bone. For the past four months I've been going through physical Thearpy to learn how to use my fingers again. Then last week, the surgeon put me back in physical Thearpy to start working on loosening up the scar, cause there's a good chance they are going to have to go back in and remove those bones.. And then we get to start this process all over again!! 

This is what it looks like today.. It is still swollen. I have to massage it daily... And do other amusing things like play with beans and rice and rub my finger over carpet to desensitize it. You know, cause I have nothing better to do with my time. 

Sigh... I dunno. Add it to the list. Seriously? What's a lemon without a screwed up hand right, It only makes sense, lol. At this point in my life, I have to  laugh... You know how sometimes in life you ask your self what else could possibly go wrong, and then the sky falls out, yea.. So you stop asking, and learn to look at the bright side. 

I can still create!