Thursday, November 21, 2013

New listing in Etsy

Finally got the potting table listed in etsy.. 

I almost don't want to part with it.. But I've got to clear out this house so I can make room for new stuff.. 

I've also reduced the prices on a few things to try and clear out my inventory.. 

And hopefully before Christmas I can get the Christmas stuff listed. I did make some Christmas tree shelves using different trims:) but still need to add a star to the top... They look much better in person- I've been slowly dragging out the Christmas stuff to try and take some great pictures, just keep getting sidetracked... 

 I am moving at a snails pace over here, I do apologize.. You know how life can be sometimes. I still can't find my muse... Makes it really hard to be creative.. I just miss having full use of my hand and need to suck it up... You can see how much of the tip I lost- and oneday I will get it fixed! It still hurts- and is making me sad. I just want my old life back... 
... Until Next Time...

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