Monday, November 16, 2009

I's been awhile!

Well.....If you've read my other blog.....You know that my computer was acting up....and I simply unplugged it. Electronics really stress me out...Other than knowing how to turn one on......I just don't get it. And then I also just didn't feel like talking.

My Grandmother passed away on Oct 22....and then began some family drama, that I really wanted to avoid. I just don't think some things need to be aired all over the web...Yes, I know I've shown pictures of my body that know one else would show...but when it comes to talking trash about a certain family member....I'm just not going to do it! I will say this.....My 'family' is very important to me....And there's some people that I really don't consider Family....and I just think they need to mind their own business! So with that said....I'm moving on.

Grandma was cremated.....And is now back at home with Grandpa. And Grandpa is talking about taking her on a cross country train ride, because it's something that he's always wanted to do! I just think it's so sweet that he wants to do this!!! My Grandparents have been together for 60 something years.....So it only seems natural that he'd take her with him.

And as for my health....Well.....nothing has changed. I went for an ultrasound last week, and I do think they said that the cyst wasn't hemorrhaging anymore, but that it had gotten a little bigger....I just don't want to mess around with the hormone treatments~ After going through 3 heart ablations....I AM NOT trying to mess up any of that work that was done. It scares me. And surgery is just not an option right now~ I really want to keep my ovary as long as I can. So the doctor suggested a follow up ultra sound in 3 months. And let me tell you.......This waiting game SUCKS! I want it fixed now, I am tired of playing with it. I did have my blood check, and there was no anemia.....and they even checked my stool, and there's no blood there.....So that makes me feel a little better.

The doctor and I seem to be bumping heads though about where my pain is coming from......I know that when I have a bowel hurts like hell, like the bowel movement is sliding across something that is really sensitive. And he thinks it coming from my IBS. LOL< I even took a Valium before I went and talked to him the last time, so I didn't get emotional.....but the conversation we had seemed to go nowhere, and I was crying and having an anxiety attack as I left. So now I guess I'll get a third opinion. But I'm running out of options here. I think I've seen 2/3 of the GYNs in this area in my life, and I've bumped heads with ALL of them. Makes me feel like I'm the one who has the problem, but one ever really wants to listen to me. I've been playing this game for years, and have run real short on the energy I have left. I really need to get back on track.....Looks like I have a lot to do, and yet.....I think I need a break. ( LMAO!!~ You know what the shitty part of being 'sick' is.....You never really get a break! You can't run or hide from it......I know, I have Tried...It just followed along behind me! But I can take a break from the doctors, right. So Now I'm waiting.....waiting for the next hiccup, waiting for this cyst to go away.....and waiting for my Umph to come back........

That's about it I guess......With me anyways.....

But before I go.....I want to tell you about my neighbor and her son, Lane. The weekend we took the kids to camp, her son fell and hurt his leg, And when his parents took him to the ER, they found out he has cancer in his leg. Luckily we are right next to one of the Best Children's hospitals...where he has been receiving his chemo, but here on the 20th he goes to Duke for surgery. This Kid is Amazing! Lane always makes me laugh! His parents have a website for him, and when you get a should go check it out, too!! His link is over on the right hand side of my page...and while you're there~ Look at his pictures(second page of pics I think)!! He was a tank this year for Halloween, and honestly, it's the coolest costume I've ever seen!! Also....please leave him a's Ok that you don't know him, He just likes reading them! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for the family this week, they have a long road ahead of them!! My prayers and thought will be with them!!