Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Stop whinning and just do it already!

I feel like Shit!
Pure shit!!

So....Here we are on day 4 with no meds, and I'm not having fun anymore...Well, I was never really having fun to begin with, but you get the picture. Let's see.... Day 1 I was pretty shaky.... but over all it went OK, although I did get a long nap in the afternoon. Day 2 was miserable. My IBS kicked in in the afternoon~ and it was miserable! let me see if I can explain this...... My stomach cramps up, and they're more like labor pains than anything else.... They come for a minute, then go for a minute, and then come for a minute, and so on...... And it the mean time, my heart starts to act up. I swear it feels like I'm having a heart attack. Someone one day is going to find me dead on the toilet over this, I just know it....So here I am, sitting on the toilet, feeling like my stomach is going to explode, my heart is pounding so hard, I'm just waiting for it to run away.... Then I feel like I'm gonna puke~ So at this point I'm still on the toilet, with my head in the tub, my heart pounding......and then like I need any more symptoms, I GET HOT! Really really hot~ So I turn the water on so I can let my hand run through it...and dump some cold water on my head. Yes, it's awful! And of course my body doesn't know 'how to cool down', so I go from sweating to the teeth chatters in about a second.... All while still sitting on the toilet. LOL~ Fun huh?? Well, that took everything out of me, so I went and curled up in the bed to get warm, and feel asleep....... And that was Sunday. Oh wait..... Sunday night I picked up Drew from his Grandmother's and some time between that and getting home, I had his 'cold'~ Now damn it, I haven't been sick in a while~ Not a cold sick anyways. Then again the weather changed this weekend....so it could be my allergies.

Monday.... I sat my ass on the couch allllll day! (Still feeling the effects of Drew's cold) My heart was going a million miles a minutes, and every time I got up, I felt drunk. It's starting to get colder here...so out came the thermals~ But overall is was an OK day..... except for laying down around 5 to take a nap, and then not waking up till 6 this morning.... Haven't had the night sweats in a few days, so it was nice to wake up dry. Being wet and cold is never a good thing!

And here I am on Tuesday.... Sick as a dog. And grumpy. Sometime last night, this 'cold' moved into my chest..... And I feel miserable. I so want to go back to bed....but I can't. I have therapy this morning...I really really need to go grocery shopping, the cats are out of food.....And I need to find the electric bill! I put all this off yesterday.....but since I have to go out anyways today... I'm just gonna have to do it. Yup! That's my motto for the day....Just Do It!

we shall see how far I get later, lol

So, Until Next Time.....


  1. oh Katie- I've been thinking of you and going off meds- I was hoping it would go better :( I hope that you get through the grocery store and other errands and get to collapse on the couch and rest. big hugs ♥

  2. LOL! Oh Kim.... I went to thearpy, and came straight back home. Been laying on the couch watching movies all day.... there's always tommorrow to do all the rest of the stuff I was suppose to do. :)